Thursday, July 24, 2008


Please comment with your ideas, links etc below.
What do you think of the examples of library use you have seen?
Are you already using a microblogging application - if so can you provide a description or link?
If not - can you see an application in your service?
Any other comments, links etc.


Anonymous said...

I think blogging is useful if it's being used for a particular purpose but microblogging seems a little pointless. It's like texting online but at least with a text it is aimed at a specific person, for a specific reason. Microblogging (at first galance) seems to be about sharing the minute and mundane details of your life with everyone. I might be wrong though!

C said...

I agree. It does seem more a social tool than a serious way of disseminating information. Can we be trying to be too cool rather than trying to keep the respect of our patrons? (especially if we do it badly!)